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Tampa Bay Detox

Tampa Bay is the hub of relaxation and excitement for all of Florida. From adrenaline rush amusement park rides to animal encounters, and touring the historic Ybor City, there is something for everyone in Tampa Bay. With all these thrill and R&R seekers, it makes Florida a state with its own substance abuse issues. If you are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and are considering enrolling in a detox center, consider traveling to the equally warm climate of Scottsdale, Arizona.

What is Detox?

Detox (detoxification) is a process that purges harmful toxins from the body that are there as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. When a substance abuser becomes addicted to a substance that is mind-altering, their brain chemistry changes in a way that actually makes it more difficult to stop using those substances. Detox treatment is a medically managed cleansing that prepares the mind and body for the next phase of therapy, rehabilitation.

Detox can actually deter some substance abusers from using. Not because they’ll have to give up their substance(s), but because detox is an uncomfortable process that results in withdrawals. However, it is highly recommended to go to a detox center where medical professionals can prescribe meds that will help ease the pain of withdrawal. Withdrawals are the symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, tremors, seizures and hallucinations. For those addicted to benzos and alcohol, withdrawal can trigger seizures and have the potential to be fatal.

The Process of Detox

When a substance abuser enrolls in a detox center, they receive an assessment that will forge the groundwork for their treatment plan. This will serve as a blue print for their rehab. The assessment includes questions regarding substances an addict is using, the quantity and an analysis of their psychological state.

After this assessment, the client will receive detoxification treatment that is supervised by a doctor. There’s not a set time in terms of the duration of detox. The time varies, depending on the type of substance abused and the dosage of a substance. In many cases, detox can only last a week.

Detoxing On Your Own

Some substance abusers detox on their own before they enter rehab. Medical professionals advise against this because you aren’t under medical supervision when you’re on your own. An addict’s body can respond adversely to detox and they may require immediate medical attention. It’s especially dangerous for alcoholics to self-detox because an alcoholic’s addiction is linked to interpersonal relationships that continue during self-detox, posing a greater possibility for the abuser to drink again. Communal support in a detox facility helps to addicts in this situation.

How Much Is Detox?

Detox treatment costs vary depending on the detox facility and the kinds of services they offer. However, many treatment facilities accept health insurance, and offer a variety of payment options. There are also many states that provide drug and alcohol treatment to people who can’t afford it.

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